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Guide to the Voicemail System
Logging On to Unity by Telephone

From your office phone:
Press the messages key, then enter your password as prompted.

From a analog phone or an outside phone
Dial your extension. When Unity answers your call, press *.
Unity will ask for your ID (your four-digit extension) and password.

Guide to Basic Functions

Check Messages
1: Log on to Unity Voicemail
2: Press 2 to access your mailbox.
3: Either:
-Press 1 for new messages
-Press 3 for old messages.

Change Your Recorded Name

1: Log on to Unity voicemail.
2: Press 4 > 3 > 2
3: At the tone, record your name, or press * to keep the current recording.

Change Greeting Settings

You can record personal greetings that callers hear when you are not available to take calls. Unity voicemail plays your greeting for the appropriate situation:
1: Log on to Unity voicemail.
2: Press 4 > 1 > 1
3: After Unity voicemail plays your current greeting, either:
-Press 1 to rerecord it.
-Press 2 to enable or disable your alternate greeting.
-Press 3 to record a different greeting, choose the greeting, then rerecord it.

Standard Greeting - This greeting generally plays during your work hours.
Alternate Greeting - This greeting plays to indicate special circumstances, such as when you are on vacation.

Change Your Password

1: Press 4 > 3 > 1
3: Enter new password
4: Enter password again then #

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Key Press Glossary

When Listening to the Main Menu
1 - Hear new messages
2 - Send messages
3 - Review old messages
4 - Change setup options

Change Setup Options

4>1>1 - Change greeting
4>1>2 - Turn on/off alternate greeting
4>2>3 - Choose full or brief menus
4>3>1 - Change Unity Password
4>3>2 - Change recorded Name

While Listening to a Message

1 - restart message
2 - save
3 - delete
4 - slow playback
5 - change volume
6 - fast playback
7 - rewind
8 - pause or resume
9 - fast-forward
# - fast forward to end
## - Save as is

After listening to a message

1 - replay message
2 - save
3 - delete
4 - reply to message
4 > 2 - reply to all
4 > 4 - call the subscriber
5 - forward message
6 - save as new
7 - rewind
9 - play message properties
# - save as isWhile Recording8 - Pause/resume recording
# - End recordingUse these key at anytime* - Cancel or back up
0 - Help

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Accessing Unity Voicemails from Outlook

Voicemail received in Unity will also be by e-mail to your Walters State E-mail Address.

They will appear in the INBOX just like normal messages.

Below is an example of what an opened Unity voicemail e-mail looks like:

The example above can be identified as a Unity voicemail because the sender will contain "Unity Messaging System",

The subject will contain "Message from" and there will be a "VoiceMessage.wav" attachment.

Note: The extension or the full phone number of the person who left the message will be placed in the subject line.

To listen to a voicemail open the "VoiceMessage.wav" attachment.

Note: Be sure the computer speakers are turned up a little higher because most of the time voicemails have a lower volume than most audio played by a computer.

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Managing Your Voicemails

After listening to a voicemail you can delete it or move it into a folder but if you do it will also DELETE THE VOICEMAIL FROM THE PHONE. However, deleting from your phone does not affect Outlook.

WARNING: Storing a lot of voicemails in your e-mail is not advised. As doing so will quickly exceed your mailbox limit. Save messages in Archive Folders or Save the voicemail attachments to your hard drive.

Please note that Archive Folders and saved attachments are not automatically backed up. Save any IMPORTANT voicemails to your M: drive or network storage.

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Logging On to Voicemail by Telephone

Guide to Basic Voicemail Functions

Key Press Glossary

Accessing Voicemail Messages from Outlook

Managing Your Voicemails