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Tutorials for Banner
Getting Started

Any web browser, Chrome, Foxfire, Edge, etc. can be used. It does not have to be Internet Explorer (IE).  If using Chrome then go in via incognito (Ctrl + Shift + N). If using other browsers you may have to clear the history and cache occasionally.

Password – The Banner 9 username and password is your AD username and password (the one you use to sign into your computer)

Banner 9 will time out after 30 minutes if you are not actively doing something

The shortcuts on the right side of the screen in Banner 8 will go away.  To set shortcuts in Banner 9 go to the Banner form / page GUAUPRF (General User Preferences Maintenance) and click the box so a check mark is displayed beside Display Form Name on Menu.  This will allow the 7-character name to display.  On the Banner form / page GUAPMNU (My Banner Maintenance), you can create My Banner shortcuts.


For more videos, request an Ellucian Hub account at and click “Sign up for a HUB account”.  It will ask you some information.  You will have to use your email.  You will get an email stating they are working on it.  Within a few days you should get an email stating your account is ready to use.  Once you get your account and sign in select the app Edu Services (ODSL).  To look at the navigation video select Learning Paths,then Banner and Colleague Navigation Courses.  Then select the Banner Navigation courses for 9.x.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigation Quick Reference