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Guide to Installing the AnyConnect VPN Client
Installing the AnyConnect VPN Client

1. Start Internet Explorer and go to

2. Click Ok on the Security Alert dialog box.

3. You will then see a dialog box asking for your username and password.

  • Your USERNAME: is the same username you use for your computer login (WS ID).
  • Your PASSWORD: is the password for your computer.
  • For the GROUP: always use AnyConnect.
4. After a successful login you will get a WSCC NETWORK ACCESS message, click Continue.

5. The software will start automatically after a brief countdown screen.  At this point you will see the automated detection and download screen for the VPN Client.  This screen will detect what files are needed for operating the VPN Client and install them. 
  • There will be an ActiveX file to install the first time the VPN is loaded on your system.
  • Several progress bars will pass by on your system as various components load.
  • You should receive an Installation Successful message.
  • A “Please wait while the VPN connection is established” message will follow.
  • This will be followed by a Connection Established message.

Be patient especially during the first use of the VPN Client.  The older your system and/or the slower your Internet connection the longer this will take to complete.  For a dial-up connection the installation process could take an hour or more to complete. 

6. At this point you will have a new icon in the lower right part of your screen (Near the time display on most systems).  This icon is the VPN Connection.  You may now close your browser.

If you have questions or problems, please contact the HelpDesk at 423-318-2742 or e-mail at

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